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Our Commitment

Worden Capital Business Principles:

  1. Our investors come first. The best decisions for our investors are the best decisions for Worden Capital.
  2. Ethics and integrity are central to our value system. We seek employees and business partners who share this view.
  3. We hire exceptional people who share our passion, core values, and inspiration.
  4. In considering potential investments, we do not follow conventional wisdom. We encourage creativity, open debate, and independent thinking.
  5. The dynamic nature of our business requires that we have flexibility and foresight, particularly in the face of uncertainty and change.
  6. We are a firm that values relationships. Our partners, investors, and employees should feel that we are fair. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we expect the same of others.
  7. While much of our work is of a highly confidential nature, we seek openness in our relationship with investors and partners.
  8. Personal and team reward are earned on merit. We work hard, we work for results, and we work together.